Calenture - Land Use Poetics


Calenture  - a heat induced fever; in sailors it can produce a form of delusion whereby the sea is thought to be land, causing them to jump overboard in a kind of ecstatic delirium.

This work was made during Land Use Poetics, an intensive four day cross-disciplinary workshop exploring land use, involving ten international artists and researchers.

Through different forms of spatial engagement – bus tours, walks, gathering specimens, study visits and discussions – the traces and dislocated meanings of the landscape between Malmö and Lund, Sweden, a terrain upon which historically agriculture, shipping, and industry, have left an indelible imprint, along with contemporary activities related to, for example, leisure and waste disposal, was explored, scrutinized and mapped out,

The ‘findings’ arrived at were exhibited in The Museum of Sketches, Lund, Sweden March 22-30

My starting point was the proposition that I should swim ‘blind’ in a number of local swimming pools. The sound that can be heard on the video records the moment when, having walked with my eyes closed to the end of the diving board at Pilangsbadet swimming pool, I jumped ‘blind’ in to the water.

The work might be understood in relation to ideas of the sublime. By closing my eyes the ordering capacities of vision are suspended, occasioning a new sensory awareness of the capacity of water to trouble any attempt to fix or map its surface.