Practicing the Anthropocene (workshop)Thursday 14th July 2016 11:00 am Pig Rock Bothy, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 75 Belford Road, Edinburgh

As part of a series of events to accompany the exhibition Neo Neo // Extreme Past at the National Galleries of Scotland, curated by ATLAS Arts. GeoStudio have been invited to lead a day of discussion exploring the relationships between material cultures, arts practice and the Anthropocene.
Practicing the Anthropcene

It has recently been suggested that the impact of human activities upon the planet – people are for example responsible for moving about ten times as much rock and earth as tectonic plates, volcanoes and landslides – has significantly altered its ecosystems, occasioning a new geological era – the Anthropocene; a proposition that challenges such longstanding dualisms as human and non-human, nature and culture.

GeoStudio is a group of staff and post-graduate researchers, theorists and practitioners, within the Department of Arts at Northumbria University. The interests of members include the philosophy, politics and aesthetics of geo-materiality, The Geologic/Material Turn in Contemporary Culture, Post Human Nature, the legacies of Land Art, cross overs between art and physical geography, the studio/field as critical axis, matter, subjectivity and desire.

Through discussion, short readings and practical activities this workshop, led by members of the group, will consider some of the implications of this for critically engaged contemporary arts practices and our aesthetic, ethical and imaginative engagement with the phenomenal world.

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Making geological models as part of the event
Making geological models as part of the event